Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Penelope 101...

  • She was given the name Penelope after the song of the same name by Joan Manuel Serrat. 
  • After completing the movie “All the Pretty Horses”, she turned vegetarian. It was alleged that she had donated her complete salary from the movie The Hi-Lo Country to the Mother Teresa’s children’s sanctuary in Kolkata after she spent a week volunteering at the center, but she later denounced this, as reported by a Reuters news article. 
  • Penelope Cruz started a non-government organization called Sabera Foundation for homeless girls and people suffering from tuberculosis in Kolkata. 
  • Penelope is fluent in four languages – Spanish, Italian, French and English. 
  • Penelope Cruz is the second Spanish actor to win an Oscar for acting. The first was Javier Bardem, who is also her husband. 
  • Penelope is also the first Spanish actress ever to win an Academy Award and the first Spanish actress to get a star at the Hollywood Walk of fame. 
  • Penelope has acted in a wide range of genres including comedies, thrillers and action adventure films. She was nominated for the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for her roles in the movies “Nine” and “Volver”.

              Source : ReadMoreFacts

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